New Models

Want to Become a Model?


Want to Become a Shine Model?

If you are interested in being a model, have the physical attributes, maintain good grades and have family support we will work with kindness to guide you into your modelling career and network you with modelling agencies all over the world.

Here’s what we are looking for:

girls 12–15 5’6”–5’11”
women 16–20 5’8”–5’11”
boys 16–18 5’10”–6’2”
men 19–25 5’11”–6’2”

Apply online

Send us an email to We just need a couple of photographs and some information about you.

No need to get professional photos done. We want natural photos where we can see your bone structure and skin. Please send colour photos with no computer effects and use natural light if possible.

No need for makeup. We want to see how you naturally look. Please send a straight on shot of your face. Have your hair down as well as pulled back. We want to see a smile and no smile.

Do wear something that shows off your figure. We need to see your proportions so wear clothes that show your figure.

Send your headshots and full-length photos, along with your name, age and height. Send a few photos initially and if we require more we will ask. We will contact you if we are interested.


If you are under 18 you will need to have your parents consent.