Sharpen Your Image Program

Sharpen Your Image Program


Sharpen Your Image is an employee improvement program for adults entering or returning to the work force, or for employers to improve customer service and work ethic in the work place.

Our program is designed to teach employees how to fine-tune their complete image including; Customer service, work ethic, communication, appearance, style and social graces.

Getting to know YOU

- Introduction to Image:  Posture, poise, presentation & self awareness

- Positive body language and projecting self-confidence


Personality and communication skills

- Avoiding politically incorrect situations

- Avoiding slang and pop culture expressions

- Social Introductions

- Voice + Conversation + Good English = SUCCESS

- Table manners, cell phone and telephone etiquette.  Acquire the knowledge to conduct yourself well in any situation

- Work Ethics and customer service


Head to Toe Inventory, YOUR professional appearance

- Professional Hair Care & Styling

- Planning and coordinating your wardrobe / Fashion Trends / Individual Style

- Skincare, Bodycare & Make-up Artistry